Yepzon to the United States using joint venture – Juha ”John” Kiesi in charge

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Media Release November 6th, 2014
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Yepzon to the United States using joint venture – Juha ”John” Kiesi in charge

Wearable Yepzon locating device will be available for consumers in Finland and elsewhere in Europe for the Christmas market. The US launch will take place during the first half of 2015. Yepzon Inc. US gives Yepzon a strong local presence and speeds up the market entry.

The World’s most user-friendly wearable positioning device Yepzon is a Finnish invention which can be used to locate a missing person from next door to the other side of the world. The device is designed specifically to meet the needs of families with children, but it also has a strong demand among the elderly and in certain hobby segments. The device will soon be available also in North America.

Yepzon Inc., registered in the State of Nevada, is a joint venture of Yepzon Oy and Global Expansion Solutions LLC. Yepzon Inc. operates initially as a distributor and importer of Yepzon products, but it may also become a local manufacturer as the US sales grow. The Board of Directors will consist of a Chairman of the Board Mr. Juha ”John” Kiesi, owner of the Global Expansion Solutions LLC and a Vice-Chairman of the Board Mr. Otto Linna, founder of the Yepzon Oy.

Otto Linna is delighted in the cooperation.
– Juha is a top professional in retail and has helped a number of European companies to the US market. The joint venture is a perfect match with our strategy for the rapid growth.

– Yepzon’s unique product has all the chances to become a market leader on the enormous US market. I am happy to help a young and dynamic Finnish company to international success, says Yepzon Inc.’s new Chairman of the Board Juha Kiesi.

Before moving to the United States, Mr. Kiesi served in Lindex Group, most recently as a member of the Executive Committee, being in charge of their international expansion and commercial real estate.

More information:
Otto Linna
CEO, Yepzon Oy FIN, Yepzon Ltd. UK
+358 43 217 0275
[email protected]

Juha ”John” Kiesi
CEO, Yepzon Inc., Global Expansion Solutions
+1 951 500 3008
[email protected]

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Yepzon Oy is a technology company that develops mobile-based wearable technologies and smart garments. Having started its operation in 2013, company employs directly three employees and indirectly approximately 20 product developers at subcontractors. Yepzon ownership in whole is European and mainly Finnish, being divided between private investors active on various sectors. The company’s head office is located in Tampere, Finland. Yepzon Ltd, registered in London, is a subsidiary wholly owned by Yepzon Oy. Yepzon Inc., registered in Nevada, United States is a joint venture with Global Expansion Solutions LLC.

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