Yepzon starts cooperation with city of Varkaus, Finland

Yepzon Enterprises
Press Release, 6 February 2015
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Yepzon is a Finnish company developing positioning services easy for everyone’s use. Company’s first product, Yepzon One, was released in December 2014. This GPS locator’s main advantages are reliability, easy start of use and unbeatable battery life.

Home Care of City of Varkaus located in Eastern Finland has taken Yepzon as a pilot test for patients suffering from memory disorder as the first health care unit in the world. This week Home Care staff will choose clients who do not find back after leaving home.

– Our official goal is to utilize modern technology as effectively as possible, says the coordinator of the project, Service Instructor Mervi Ilonen from city of Varkaus. – The idea is that using technology medical staff can focus on the essential without a constant concern about clients leaving their homes. Moreover, also relatives have less to worry.

The usual goal is that everyone could live at home as long as possible. In addition, if a person wants this, it should be obeyed and needed conditions to be secured.

– I was really inspired when Mervi Ilonen told about Yepzon the first time, says Heikki Alanen, the Chairman of Pensioners of Varkaus. He has more than once been forced to look for missing people during the trips of the pensioners’ society. – Price of Yepzon is low, and kind of investments shall pays for itself soon. If this device can help to save at least one person you cannot even define its monetary value.

– In case a client is lost, Yepzon can help to find his or her exact location or at least restrict the search zone, depending on the strength of GPS signal of that place, adds Ilonen. – Yepzon can be monitored by more than one relative, which helps to share the responsibility.

According to Mrs. Ilonen, an elderly person’s attitude towards technology depends if he or she realizes the benefit for him/herself or not. High price, difficulty of use and low battery life have been challenges with certain devices.

– Technology will never replace personal care and interaction but can support it, reminds Liisa Korhonen, Head of Home Care of Varkaus.

– City of Varkaus is developing a safer future. It is an honour to us to be a part of this, comments Olli Mustonen, Partner and Business Expansion Manager at Yepzon.

Additional information:

Olli Mustonen
Partner, Business Expansion Manager
Yepzon Enterprises
+358 50 3890593
[email protected]

Mervi Ilonen
Service Instructor
City of Varkaus
+358 40 535 7012
[email protected]

Yepzon Enterprises is a technology company that develops mobile-based wearable technologies and smart garments. Having started its operation in 2013, company employs directly three employees and indirectly approximately 20 product developers at subcontractors. Yepzon ownership in whole is European and mainly Finnish, being divided between private investors active on various sectors. The company’s head office is located in Tampere, Finland. Yepzon Ltd, registered in London, is a subsidiary wholly owned by Yepzon Enterprises. Yepzon Inc., registered in Nevada, United States is a joint venture with Global Expansion Solutions LLC.

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