Yepzon launch on the health care sector in the UK

Yepzon Enterprises
Media Release 12 November 2015
Release Date: Immediately

The Finnish technology company Yepzon has made an important collaboration agreement with the British virtual operator HoIP Telecom. Through this collaboration, Yepzon locators will be widely launched on the health, well-being, care and nursing sectors in the UK.

Easy to use and boasting a long-lasting battery, the Yepzon One GPS-locator has been well-received by the nursing industry. Specifically designed for locating persons, the device has proved its effectiveness in protecting dementia patients and patients with autism spectrum disorders, among others.

Yepzon’s first export market in the nursing sector is the UK, where it will be launched under the name TAG WAY powered by Yepzon. The first introduction will be done on 2015 International Technology Enabled Care Conference 16th-17th November.

“Through our cooperation with HoIP Telecom, we have been granted access to a vast network of contacts in the health care sector, which would be extremely slow to reach on our own. This is a huge new field for Yepzon,” commends Olli Mustonen, Business Expansion Manager, Partner, Yepzon.

HoIP Telecom provides the health care industry with high-quality, affordable telecommunications services that are easy to use. Established in 2009, HoIP Telecom is UK’s first MVNO operator focusing on the health, well-being and nursing industry in its market.

“Being extremely easy to use, Yepzon is an excellent addition to the range of services we offer. We have great faith in the product. We believe that through our wide network of partners, we shall sell tens of thousands of locators in the next few years,” says Mika Heiniö, CCO of HoIP Telecom.

The first product of Yepzon Oy, Yepzon One, was launched in December 2014. The GPS locator is sold within the EU and in the US. Yepzon Oy is currently seeking finance to the tune of a million euros to finance international growth and produce a second-generation device. The stock issue ends on 20 November 2015.

Additional information:
Olli Mustonen
Business Expansion Manager, Partner
Yepzon Enterprises
+358 50 389 0593
[email protected]

Mika Heiniö
HoIP Telecom
+44 762 492 0191
[email protected]

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Yepzon Enterprises is the developer of easy-to-use mobile location services. Founded in 2013, the company has a staff of four and employs approximately 20 product developers on subcontracts. Yepzon is in entirely European and primarily Finnish ownership, divided between private investors operating in different fields. The company’s headquarters are in Tampere, Finland. Yepzon Ltd., registered in London, is a subsidiary in full ownership of Yepzon Oy. Yepzon Inc., registered in Nevada, USA, is a joint enterprise with Global Expansion Solutions.

HoIP Telecom Ltd was established in 2009 as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) to address a niche market, namely the provision of mobile services dedicated to health, wellbeing and care.  HoIP Telecom Founders identified the importance and real need for tailored mobile services to support assisted living, for example a SIM card that could roam over all UK networks to be used by medical personal in case of emergency.  HoIP Telecom is UK’s first MVNO dedicated to Health, Wellbeing and Care and it provides affordable, high quality, mobile products and mobile operator services for those with a duty to care.


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