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Rapidly growing technology to ensure precious things – around the world

Yepzon was born when people with suitable backgrounds faced the  fact that over 1 million children are reported missing every year. And in the US and EU alone, 10% of them vanish permanently.

Yepzon combines the key competencies of its owners: telecom, software, children’s wear, and retail to significantly reduce the number of disappearances of children all around the world.

Yepzon’s headquarters is in Tampere, Finland. It is currently also operating via its UK subsidiary Yepzon Ltd in London. The company will also expand its businesses in India, China, and Russia within the next two years.

Yepzon’s personnel consist of a technology team, sales team, and a board of advisors. It recruits new talent and also uses its owner resources on a daily bases. The organization is very lean. The people working with and inside the company are encouraged to also become Yepzon’s share owners. These are the key factors behind the company’s remarkable flexibility and speed in hitting the shelves with new products.

Quickness, responsibility, and will are the core values driving the company.


Yepzon Group

Hermiankatu 3 A, 3rd floor

Central switchboard: +358 10 286 6115


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