Yepzon and Valmet to bring a modern industrial internet solution to the oil and gas industry

Yepzon Enterprises
BULLETIN June 13, 2018
Release Date: June 13, 2018

The location technology provider Yepzon Enterprises and the leading global provider of technologies and services for the pulp, paper, and energy industry, Valmet, have joined forces to develop a state-of-the-art logistics service and a sensor device to cater for the needs of the oil and gas industry. The cooperation will result in a superb combination of a terminal device developed by Yepzon and Valmet combined with Valmet’s DNA software.

The logistics service will provide the oil and gas industry with a new standard of monitoring. The final product will be an ATEX certified industrial internet solution suitable for explosive surroundings that provides the customer with real-time location information and other sensor data (such as collision, temperature, air humidity) at all times. The forecasting capacity enabled by the service brings enormous added value to the logistics design of the customer. In addition to the cost benefits, the service will improve the security and safety of transportation.

Utilizing the cutting-edge technologies of Yepzon and Valmet, the service integrates the data collected from different processes into GPS tracking and other information obtained from the device. The system creates an easily trackable ID for each gas, oil, and chemical container, which enables the real-time tracking of the container’s location and conditions. Together with Valmet’s DNA Integrated Operations solution, the device enables, e.g., terminal loading operations without the use of expensive local systems.

The development of the service is based on the successful pilot executed by the two parties. The pilot demonstrated that the need for development of location solutions is evident as the industry has so far relied on traditional technologies such as RFID solutions.

“There are currently over 17 million shipping containers in the world and many of them carry a risk of explosion based on their contents or location. In the long run, the increased safety and decreased need for infrastructure provided by the solution developed by Yepzon and Valmet presents significant added value in the oil and gas industry,” says Jani Hautaluoma, Director, Process Automation, Valmet.

The device is built on LTE IoT technology pioneered by Qualcomm, known for inventing of breakthrough technologies. LTE IoT and its continued evolution toward 5G are designed to address the needs and use cases of the massive IoT – ranging from consumer devices such as kid and pet trackers, to industrial sensors operating in challenging environments. The solution from Yepzon and Valmet uses the Qualcomm® MDM9206 modem.

“We are pleased that Yepzon and Valmet have selected the Qualcomm MDM9206 LTE IoT modem, a solution designed to facilitate the development of cost-effective, low-power IoT devices designed for multi-year battery life and greater coverage compared to traditional LTE,” says Jeffery Torrance, vice president, business development, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We look forward to continuing to support Yepzon in building innovative solutions such as this industrial sensor.”

Yepzon’s vast experience on location services and industrial solutions combined with Valmet’s software optimized for the oil and gas sector create a perfect opportunity to elevate the service to a new level.

“During the last year, the industry has taken a huge leap toward digitalization and that has affected us strongly. The project developed together with Valmet creates a good basis for widening the range of Yepzon’s services even further. Oil and gas is a very demanding market. We will be able to develop solutions suitable for other industries based on this project,” says Otto Linna, the founder of Yepzon Enterprises.

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Otto Linna
CEO, Yepzon Enterprises
+358 43 217 0275

Jani Hautaluoma
Director, Process Automation, Valmet
+358 40 486 0307

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Yepzon Enterprises is the developer of easy-to-use mobile location services. Founded in 2013, the company has a staff of 8 and employs approximately 100 product developers on subcontracts. Yepzon’s global, but primarily Finnish, ownership is divided between private investors operating in different sectors. The company’s headquarters are in Tampere, Finland. Yepzon Ltd., registered in London, is a subsidiary completely owned by Yepzon Enterprises. Yepzon Inc., registered in Nevada, USA, is a joint enterprise with Global Expansion Solutions. Yepzon Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd is a joint venture managed by Yepzon Enterprises in Delhi, India, jointly owned by VVDN Technologies.

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Valmet’s strong technology offering includes pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bioenergy production. Our advanced services and automation solutions improve the reliability and performance of our customers’ processes and enhance the effective utilization of raw materials and energy.

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