Yepzon and Suomen Ratsutarvike to introduce the world’s first horse riding safety vest with positionin and alarm features

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Press release 12 July 2016
Free for release: immediately

Location device and service provider Yepzon Oy and Suomen Ratsutarvike will introduce a horse riding safety vest with integrated positioning and alarm features. The vest will first be launched in Finland in September and test-marketed in the other Nordic countries.

Yepzon Oy, a pioneer in the internationally booming location device market, and Suomen Ratsutarvike, a highly esteemed supplier of horse riding and care products, will take the safety of riders to a whole new level this year. Integrated into a vest and combining a location device and alarm, Yepzon™ Freedom is the only one of its kind in the world. It has three different modes: locator, locator and alarm button, or just an alarm button.

“The next few years will see a move from location devices to a location feature, and Yepzon will be the first one to do that,” says Otto Linna, CEO and founder of Yepzon.

Unprecedented safety and infinite freedom

According to Kim Degenhardt, CEO of Suomen Ratsutarvike, the vest will significantly increase the safety of riders.

“If the rider falls off the horse, the vest will protect his or her bones, spine and internal organs against serious injuries. The fall may also knock the rider unconscious and, therefore, unable to call for help. If this happens, the safety vest will send the location information to a family member’s phone and the necessary treatment can begin as soon as possible, which may be critical,” Degenhardt says.

“To be launched this year and equipped with the latest positioning technology, our Yepzon™ Freedom alarm will respond to the demand resulting from an increasing feeling of insecurity worldwide. Cars and homes have long been equipped with alarms, and these are finally being introduced for what matters the most – people,” Linna says, summing it up.

Additional information:
Otto Linna, CEO, Yepzon Oy, [email protected], +358 43 217 0275
Kim Degenhardt, CEO, Suomen Ratsutarvike, kim@eatwell ventolin tablets, +358 40 541 4704

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