Yepzon and Securitas to launch cutting-edge B2B security solutions

Yepzon Enterprises
BULLETIN June 21, 2018
Release Date: June 21, 2018

The Finnish location technology service provider Yepzon and the leading security company Securitas have agreed on extended collaboration to create B2B security service solutions. After successful municipal pilot projects in Finland, the collaboration is extending also to corporate personnel security abroad.

Until now, Securitas and Yepzon have piloted a joint security service solution in the municipal sector, where Yepzon™ Freedom, which combines an alarm with location functions, has been integrated into Securitas’s transmitter system. When the user presses a button on the device, an alert is sent in a matter of seconds to Securitas’s alarm center, which quickly locates the person in need of help. The solution is currently used in the municipal sector by hundreds of social workers and mobile health care workers.

Growing collaboration

The companies have agreed to expand their collaboration, thanks to the success of the integration and the pilot projects. The ever stronger collaboration between Yepzon and Securitas meets the increasing needs of municipalities and companies to secure their personnel in high-risk environments. This applies specifically to persons who work alone with certain customer groups or work alone in isolated locations, such as forest sites, as well as key company employees who work or travel a lot. Indeed, safeguarding corporate leaders and personnel is a rising industry trend.

“We were the first to introduce to the market a new kind of security device, which can also locate indoors. Operators like Securitas help us to create significant added value, because companies get access to a security solution, which enables them to easily and efficiently benefit from the state-of-the-art technologies of Yepzon and the security services of Securitas. It’s been nice to see that the executives of companies have realized the importance of developing personnel security,” says Otto Linna, the founder of Yepzon Enterprises.

Securitas’s global security organization also opens doors for Yepzon to security markets in other countries as Securitas Finland works in close cooperation with other countries. Securitas and Yepzon’s security solution can be quickly scaled globally because the systems are similar across the board.

“Securitas works closely together with global technology manufacturers so that we can provide our customers with the perfect overall solutions tailored to their needs. Yepzon is a reliable Finnish partner whose high-quality location and sensor technologies bring added value to our services to the benefit of our customers,” explains Tommi Ilonen, Business Area Manager, Securitas Finland.

Otto Linna, CEO, Yepzon Enterprises 
+358 43 217 0275

Tommi Ilonen, Business Area Manager, Securitas
+358 40 502 1792

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