What is Yepzon locator and what is it for?

At its core, Yepzon is a GPS locator designed to keep your family, pets and valuables safe.

With stylish Nordic design qualities and intuitive technology, Yepzon is the most simple device to slip into your child’s backpack, pocket, or just hang it round their neck like a necklace. Yepzon gives your children freedom to enjoy life whether they’re playing outside, or walking home from school. And it gives you peace of mind to know that Yepzon can be used to keep a discreet digital eye on your child, if you should need to find out where they are.

Yepzon isn’t only useful as a locator for your children, it can also be used to extend the circles of security around elderly relatives – especially useful if they have some memory problems.

And man’s best four-legged friends can benefit from tech innovations as well. Yepzon is the perfect device to locate your pets. Whether it’s a dog spooked by fireworks, thunderstorms or sudden loud noises; a cat lost in unfamiliar terrain; or perhaps a horse in a remote paddock. Yepzon can help you keep track of them, find them if they’re missing or simply know they’re still in one particular place.

Another use we love for Yepzon is its ability to safeguard your valuable possessions. Just hide the device in the glove compartment of your car, hide it in your boat or golf bag, and you really do not have to worry about ever losing them again. You can also attach the locator to your bicycle or motorbike, in fact you can attach it to pretty much anything you can think of.

We hope you got a better idea of Yepzon and how it can work for you, and we will be more than happy to hear your usage ideas for our locator. Stay tuned for more interesting and even inspiring posts, and keep locating life with us.

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