Christmas is fast approaching, and Santa and his elves are on their way!

Finally you can track Santa and his elves this Christmas

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Evergreen the Elf

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Yepzon and SantaPark are excited to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to track the movements of Santa Claus and his most trusted helpers this December. In order to have everything in place for Christmas, they may just have to travel all over the world.

Download our application and check in daily for a new update on what Santa and his Elves are up to!


On the first day of December, Evergreen the Elf is keeping busy at SantaPark, the home cavern of Santa Claus. Christmas is fast approaching, and the Elves’ post office is buzzing busy with letters that contain people’s dearest Christmas wishes!

Are you familiar with the tradition of leaving your letter on your windowsill for the Elves to fetch? At the Post Office, there is a very special place for these windowsill letters; you can find it through the trap door in the ceiling. The letters are collected from the windowsills by either Elves or their carrier pidgeon friends. This year, children have sent in so many windowsill wish lists that the Post Office is practically bursting with them! The help of Evergreen the Elf is very much needed as she is excellent at communicating with the carrier pidgeons. They sometimes get a tad too eager about delivering such important cargo and can cause a bit of a jolly disarray!

Two Yepzons are drawn every Monday 3-Dec-2018 – 24-Dec-2018. Santa Park main prize is drawn on Monday, 10th of December. Winners will be contacted personally.

VEP* Package

*Very Elfish Person


Winter season 2018–19 + summer season 2019

Value 329 €


  • Entrance to SantaPark (max. 2 adults + 2 children)
  • Printed photo with Santa Claus (A4 format)
  • Gifts from Santa Claus to the whole family
  • Elf School diplomas and Elf trainee hats
  • Undercrossing the Arctic Circle diplomas
  • Decorating of gingerbread cookies + warm drinks
  • “Ice Princess Kiss”, a drink served in a hand-made ice glass
  • Lunch buffet (available in winter season)
  • All of the fun activities and attractions at SantaPark!

All of the privileges included in the package and listed above can be used by each member of the family once during the period of ticket validity.

Yepzon™ One

Value 89 €

Yepzon™ Freedom

Value 149 €


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Valid through December 2018

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