This Christmas you can track Santa Claus in real time!

Santa Claus has been a magical figure for the world’s children for centuries. He is capable of visiting every child within the two Christmas days and spread Christmas joy all over the world.

This year, families worldwide can finally take a sneak peek at the ongoing Christmas preparations of Santa and his Elves. This leads up to tracking Santa’s journey around the world starting on Christmas Eve. This opportunity is provided by the Finnish location and sensoring technology company, Yepzon, and SantaPark- the home cavern of Santa Claus, located in Rovaniemi, Finland. The two companies have joined forces in launching an app that shows the movements of Santa’s personal tracker worldwide.

In December, Santa is preparing for Christmas in the Arctic Circle at his home in SantaPark. Santa owns a Yepzon tracker that he gives to one of his trusted Elves on their pre-Christmas journeys to different locations around the world.

“There is a lot going on before Christmas. We Elves naturally prepare the gifts, but we also have specific tasks that we perform at special locations outside of home base. In addition to Elves, there are of course Santa’s other helpers that you might come across busy at work in your hometwon,” explains Tinsel the Elf, specialized in Christmas decorations and celebrations.

The company making Santa’s tracking possible is Yepzon – a tracking technology company from Santa’s home country, Finland. “It was a clear obligation to make Santa’s tracking a reality when presented with the opportunity,” says Heidi Rantala, CMO of Yepzon. “Santa has our Yepzon tracker, so you can easily follow his movements by just downloading the free Yepzon App.”

The App will be available on Friday, November 30th, and it will follow the movements of the Elves and Santa Claus until midnight on December 25th. Santa gives the Yepzon to one of his trusted Elves every day, but on Christmas Eve and Day he will have the Yepzon with him on his sleigh.

“Our goal is to spread the joy of Christmas and share the magical Christmas preparation stories as we know them,” states Ilkka Länkinen, the CEO of SantaPark Oy.

Santa’s and the Elves’ travels can be followed at, as well as on Yepzon App, downloadable for free in Google Play and App Store.

Additional Information:

Heidi Rantala
Yepzon Enterprises
+358 50 5398970

Ilkka Länkinen
SantaPark Oy
+358 505 176 989


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SantaPark, the home cavern of Santa Claus, is an indoor Christmas theme park located right on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Finland. At SantaPark, you can get in the Christmas spirit by spending time with the jolly Elves, attending the Elf School, admiring the magical Elf Show, visiting the realm of the Ice Princess in the Ice Gallery, taking a ride on the Magic Train, decorating cookies with Mrs. Gingerbread, and having your own meeting with Santa Claus himself. SantaPark is a part of a bigger entity called SantaPark Arctic World, a family-owned company that specializes in provided lifetime experiences with uncompromising professionalism and attention to detail. The brand family of SantaPark Arctic World also includes Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Rakas Restaurant & Bar, Santa Claus Secret Forest, Arctic Forest Spa, ProSanta and Lapland Luxury.

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