The Yepzon stock issue a great success – a million euros in the pot for internationalization

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Media Release 26 November 2015
Release Date: Immediately

The public stock issue of the safety technology company Yepzon Oy ended successfully on the 20th of November 2015. This round of financing resulted in new capital from new and old investors to the tune of a million euros. The capital will be invested in product development and international growth.

Yepzon’s stock issue was implemented from 19 October to 20 November 2015. The organizer and stock issuer was Innovestor Oy, a company specializing in financing start-ups.

“We are incredibly satisfied with the result of the issue. Combined with other capital arrangements and leverage, our financing capacity for our growth projects early next year as well as future product development now totals roughly one and a half million euros,” explains Mr. Otto Linna, CEO of Yepzon.

Twenty New Investors

This round of financing resulted in 20 new investors. One of them is Vanaja Capital Oy, a start-up-financing company from the city of Hämeenlinna, Finland. According to CEO Juha Jekunen, Yepzon is a great addition to the company’s current investment portfolio.

“Yepzon has a finished, unique product, which has started selling well all around the world. They have built their product in a purposeful manner both for the domestic market and for export. The company operates in an extremely global manner, reaching the big markets. We believe in the strong growth of Yepzon and in their product development resulting in new applications,” Jekunen states.

Up to Two Products Launched Next Year

The start-up – which caught the eye of investors and the media alike at the Slush in November – started out with the Yepzon One locator. The device was launched in the Finnish market a year ago. This compact GPS locator with a superb battery life was specifically designed for locating persons, but there is a strong demand for the device in many different leisure segments, too.

Based on user feedback, the product will be developed to be even easier to use and user-friendlier than before ventolin tablets 2 mg. The company is planning to launch up to two new devices next year.

“For instance, the Kauppalehti magazine rated us among the Finnish start-ups with the best potential to succeed in the Silicon Valley. Thanks to the success of this round of financing, we can now begin developing a new-generation locator. We are more than ready to conquer the Silicon Valley and the rest of the world!” Linna enthuses.

The Yepzon locator is available within the EU and the US. Yepzon has been designed and manufactured in Finland.

Otto Linna, CEO, Yepzon Enterprises
[email protected], +358 43 217 0275


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Yepzon Oy is the developer of easy-to-use mobile location services. Founded in 2013, the company has a staff of four and employs approximately 20 product developers on subcontracts. Yepzon is in entirely European and primarily Finnish ownership, divided between private investors operating in different fields. The company’s headquarters are in Tampere, Finland. Yepzon Ltd., registered in London, is a subsidiary in full ownership of Yepzon Oy. Yepzon Inc., registered in Nevada, USA, is a joint enterprise with Global Expansion Solutions.


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