Yepzon™ One

GPS tracker for your child’s safety

Yepzon™ One is a GPS tracker with which you can keep your loved ones safe. Together with Yepzon and a smartphone you can follow your child’s steps when they are outside. You can also use Yepzon for added safety while travelling.

This small GPS device is easy to attach to clothes or on a child’s backpack. The GPS tracker’s battery life can last up to weeks. Yepzon™ One does not have buttons so the device cannot be turned off. In addition the device has supreme battery life. This is why the GPS tracker is one of the safest on the market!

Yepzon™ One keeps your loved ones safe whenever wherever!

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Additional safety with kids

“Thank you for the amazing device! We have been travelling for a month with small children, rushed from one gate to another at the Heathrow airport and walked in the busy streets of Indian bazaars. Yepzon has added a sense of safety for our trip. We have motivated our kids to use them by telling them they are priceless amulets which they can decorate with stickers. During our trip, we have had to explain to people what our children keep around their necks. The Heathrow staff said Yepzon was a brilliant solution. Big thumbs up for Yepzon!”

– Laura, Finland

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