Yepzon™ One

GPS locator keeps your pets on the map

Every year tens of millions of pets go missing. Yepzon™ One is a GPS locator with which you can make sure that your pets are kept safe and sound.

The Yepzon™ One GPS tracking device is an excellent added safety for your dog, cat, horse, or any other pet. It is easy to attach on the collar, accessories, equipment or transportation cage. Together with the locator and a smartphone you can follow your pet’s steps in real time.

Let your pet move around in peace – Yepzon™ One keeps them safe for you!

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Dog on the map

“I bought the GPS locator for my dog. The device doesn’t make noise and it doesn’t have buttons. It’s a big plus since my dog cannot turn it off accidentally when scratching himself. All my pet’s moves are monitored with the Yepzon app. If my dog runs away I can quickly track it with the Yepzon app and Google Maps. Handy! The device is extremely accurate – the location can be seen with military accuracy. It is impressive. The customer service is top notch too. I sent a question to the customer service and they answered very quickly. I was very impressed. All in all, I am very happy with the device. Yepzon’s GPS really works.”


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