Yepzon™ Freedom

GPS alarm is the essential accessory for all active people

Moving around alone is now safer than ever. Yepzon™ Freedom is a personal safery alarm with GPS locator. The SOS button brings a new kind of safety to your everyday life. Together with the easy-to-use device and a smartphone, the person in need of help can call for help with just a push of a button.

The device has three different functions: just the SOS button, GPS locator with the SOS button, or just the GPS locator.

Yepzon™ Freedom is the first safety device in the world that combines GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi indoor tracking, and alarm functions. With the help of the device calling for help is considerably quicker than with a phone and the tracking happens in seconds.

With the help of Yepzon™ Freedom, you can enjoy every moment without fear!

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A jogger’s peace of mind

“I love running. Going for a jog is my me-time. Especially an autumn forest has so much to offer to all senses as the evenings get darker. I was however anxious about going out alone. Then my husband gave me Yepzon Freedom. With its help, if something were to happen, I can alert my husband to come help me with just the push of a button. Now I can fully enjoy my jogs with complete peace of mind!”

– Erica, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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