Yepzon™ One

GPS locator brings safety to the everyday life of the elderly

Yepzon™ One is a GPS locator which has been designed to make its user’s everyday life easier and safer. This easy-to-use GPS tracker has been designed specifically for person tracking and for the needs of the elderly and those with memory disorders. With the tracking device and a smartphone, you can follow your close one’s actions in real time.

The small GPS device is easy to put anywhere – clothes, pocket, or lanyard. The Yepzon™ One tracker does not have any buttons so the device cannot be switched off. In addition, the device has supreme battery life. This is why the tracker is extremely safe.

Make your close one’s everyday life safer – give them Yepzon™ One!

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Helps to keeps an eye on him

“With Yepzon we keep track of my father’s walks, which he takes in the city centre. The device works extremely well. With it, we can see where he stops by to get his tea and pastry and we don’t have to be worried about him. Equipping and using the device is very easy. In my experience the battery life has lasted around three days but we still recharge it every night. It adds to the functionality that we don’t have to buy a separate SIM card for the device. Everything is built in without extra buttons – awesome! Thanks Yepzon.”


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