Yepzon™ Freedom

Safety alarm for active seniors

Yepzon™ Freedom is a personal safety alarm with GPS locator. The safety SOS button brings a new kind of added safety into the life of seniors. If they fall, get lost, or are in other kinds of trouble, they can call for help with just a push of a button. Their relative will immediately get an alert on their phone and can check the person’s location in seconds.

The device has three different functions: just the SOS button, GPS locator with the SOS button, or just the GPS locator. The safety device is especially reliable since it does not have a power switch from which it could accidentally be turned off. In addition, the battery life of the device can last for weeks depending on the user-specific settings.

Move and stay active without a worry – Yepzon™ Freedom secures your everyday life!

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Staying active without worrying

“I am happy that my mother can still go mushroom and berry picking and stay active. She is however worried to go out in the winter when it’s slippery and the terrain is challenging. I wanted to encourage my mother to continue her active lifestyle, so I gave her Yepzon Freedom for her 75th birthday. With it she can easily call for help if she happened to fall and hurt herself in the middle of the forest. On the phone app, we can see where she is and can get to her in an instant. Thanks Yepzon!”

– Tarja, Oulu, Finland

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