“I had the honor of working with YEPZON on the pilot test with ONF, Comprehensive Autism Center and the City of Murrieta; to say I stand behind this product is an understatement. I am grateful that I accepted the invitation to take part as this little device has given our family security beyond our wildest dreams. Yes we still live on high alert, but we now experience all the possibilities life has to offer with the security to back it up in the palm of our hand! If you love someone… with Autism or without… you need YEPZON!”

Jennifer, US

”We call it The Egg. We are using this to track my dad while he goes and walks around town. It has worked wonderfully and gives us peace of mind knowing we can see exactly which cafe he’;s stopped at for tea and pastries. It was very easy to set up, and is very easy to use. The battery will last about 3 days from what I’ve experienced so far, but we remember to plug it in every night anyway. It also seems much more convenient to not have to deal with purchasing a separate SIM card. Everything is built in with no buttons. SO awesome.

Thanks Yepzon.”

S. Matthamson, US

“Great little device! We’ve had this device for 2 weeks now and our Yepzon has been working flawlessly! The setup is easy…we have it on 3 mobile phones and one tablet and have used very little data since activating it as well. We have placed the device in the carrying case and inside the backpack of our son and the accuracy is amazing. The battery life is good as long as you are not locating it constantly. If it hasn’t moved, it “goes to sleep.” However, if there is a reason you need to consistently locate the device, the battery life is still very good. I recommend this device and I am hoping the company develops more devices we can use! So far support is great; I had a question I sent to support and it was answered the next day!”

L.S.H., US

Thanks for a great device! We’ve travelled with our two small kids for a month and Yepzon has brought a feeling of extra safety, while rushing for gate to gate at the Heathrow airport and in busy bazaars of India. The devices we’re sold to our kids as princess amulets, that can be decorated with stickers. On a several occasions during our travels we’ve had to explain to people what our kids are wearing our their necks. The Heathrow staff commented Yepzon as brilliant solution. So I’ll give you guys “a thumbs up”

Laura, Finland

“I bought this GPS unit for my dog. There is no on/ off button (which is good – poochie can’t mistakenly switch the unit off), nor does the unit make any sounds. Everything is monitored though the Yepzon smart phone app. When my dog runs off, I can quickly locate him on the Yepzon app via Google maps – pretty slick. It’s very specific – I can find my little guy with real military accuracy. That’s very impressive. Customer support is top notch too. I had a question and they responded by email quickly – I was very impressed.

Overall, I’m happy. The Yepzon GPS really works.”

Scrittitrader, Vermont, US

“Yepzon works great, if you want to locate your dog. The device is not too big and fits nicely on the collar. The app is simple and easy to use. The Bluetooth-function can locate your pet with few meter pin-point accuracy, if the distance is under 50 meters. Excess data is easy to buy and Yepzon user support is incredibly helpful.”

Marko, Finland


“Your products absolutely first-class! We have had our Yepzons for over a year now. They’ve been accidentally machine washed and dryed, they’ve been out in the snow etc. but still functioned flawlessly. On a daily basis the greatest benefit stands out when our kids are in daycare. Yepzon tells us when the go out or in. This helps us save time and schedule  the pick ups, so the kids can have nice time with their daycare friends.”

Mikko, Finland

“Yepzon has changed our family’s life. My husband has Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease and before I found Yepzon, I searched high and low for a GPS tracking device (he no longer is able to use a cell phone) that would give me peace of mind when he was outdoors. All of the other devices on the market are either too expensive or had monthly data fees that were too high. Whereas Yepzon is reasonably priced as an initial investment, and then the monthly data charges are minimal. As described in the video, it is sturdy, convenient, easy to charge and I’t imagine our lives without it now that we’ve been using it for several months.”

Melissa, US

“Ingenius innovation. Simple, but very utilitarian combination of several innoventions decribes Yepzon well. The device even looks good. I have tested Yepzon in a elderly care project. The durability is first-class. Honestly an excellent piece of work. The batterylife is also impressive. You can’t compare Yepzon with DIY-solutions. The app is also nice and simple, no “nerd-skills” are needed.”

“Yepzon batterylife is longlasting. I charge it probably once a week while visiting my parents”

When my father goes out for a run, I track him. On his running route, when passing busy roads he likes to go over the road instead using the underpass and this scares me. I use the locate fuction, several times when he is taking his run, so I know he is fine. This also let’s me know where he is headed.

Maarit, Finland

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