Solution for Yepzon One pairing problems

18 July 2018

We have lately received some complaints from customers regarding pairing problems with Yepzon One locator.

Typically customer having an Android smartphone has had difficulties in pairing their Yepzon One with Yepzon App by Bluetooth. The issue is intermittent, but sometimes the pairing just fails over and over again.

Now we have complete solution for these customers.

As you know, Yepzon Freedom is paired with Yepzon App by means of a QR code included into the sales box. To bypass the Bluetooth pairing problems with Yepzon One, Yepzon One can now be paired with QR code as well. What is needed is just a QR code generated for that specific Yepzon One. Customer service can create it for you.

So, IF

  • You have Yepzon One, AND
  • You have a smartphone with Android operating system, AND
  • You don’t have NFC feature in your smartphone (Yepzon One can be paired with NFC as well), AND
  • You don’t have an option to pair the locator with another smartphone (like iPhone) and share the access onwards (the original user can be then removed, if needed)
  • You continuously face problems in Bluetooth pairing


  • Ask to create a QR code for your Yepzon One (you need to give the IMEI and prove you are the legitimate owner of the locator)
  • Open Yepzon App, tap “Add Yepzon” and tap FREEDOM (!) instead of ONE
  • Point the camera to the QR code you were given => Ready!


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