Yepzon™ Asset

Industrial Cargo and Asset Tracker

Yepzon™ Asset is an industrial tracker for cargo and asset management. It is perfect for all types of logistic purposes. Companies shipping large quantities or valuable goods can now take asset tracking into their own hands.

Multipurpose tracker. Yepzon™ Asset combines high quality tracking technology with embedded collision, temperature and humidity (optional) sensors. This enables both quality assurance during transportation of goods and efficient, quick and reliable damage control saving time and money.

Tailored to the extreme. Whatever needs to be tracked, our service can be tailored for easier asset management. Either integrate to an existing platform or use our Yepzon™ Pro web interface for free! (included in the monthly service fee per device)

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For larger quantities or system integrations please contact: [email protected]

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159€ (VAT 0%) + service fee EU 9€/month, GLOBAL 12€/month (150+ countries)
  • Tailored solution to track any asset
  • Coverage over 150 countries (Global service pack)
  • Collision, temperature and humidity (optional) sensors
  • Extremely long battery life, rechargeable with Micro-USB
  • One of the most affordable in the market
  • Usage via Yepzon™ Pro web interface
    • Tracks targets in set intervals
    • Shows events along the route i.e collision detection
    • Groups and categorizes assets
    • Default location reporting interval period: every 1h
  • For integration to existing platform, please contact [email protected]


Yepzon™ Asset provides accurate tracking of cargo boxes and business critical asset deliveries around the world. Set the acceptable conditions for the delivery in our WEB User Interface and get alerted if something unexpected happens along the route. Don't rely only on carrier data anymore -you take control!


Track your field equipment, heavy machinery or other valuable assets around any construction site, warehouse shipyard or other business site! With the accelerometer you can see any unintended movement of your assets for secured asset management.


If you need to know where your fleet is at, Yepzon™ Asset will track it for you. This is the best option available if you search for an affordable GPS tracking to keep an eye of your fleet. Free WEB User Interface service included!


Let us not restrict what Yepzon™ Asset can help you with. The device tracks, measures temperature, acceleration, collision and humidity so it can be used for multiple needs.

Additional Information

Integrated Sensors

Accelerometer for collision detection (±16g in 3 axis)
Temperature sensor (accuracy and range: ±1.5°C from -25°C to +85°C, ±2.0°C from -40°C to +125°C)
Humidity sensor (optional). IP41 chassis.


Depending on chosen service plan: EU/EEA countries or Global (150+ countries)

Additional Features

Power switch for initial power-up, micro USB charging port, LED indicator, mounting holes.

User Interface

In-house Web UI, 3rd party Web UI, custom API integration


7000 mAh Li-ion, shipped to customer with full charge. Battery life ~1-12 months depending on settings and usage. Rechargeable.

Product Dimensions

Weight 220g, width 115mm, thickness 31mm, length 75mm

Positioning Methods

GPS, GSM Cell ID triangulation