Keeping your Yepzon locator alive

Dear Yepzon user,

All Yepzon devices incorporate a built-in cellular network SIM for connectivity.

Like a prepaid mobile phone SIM, Yepzon SIM is subject to service expiration, if it’s hanging in the network too long time without any activity or service purchase.

Please make sure your Yepzon device is charged and communicates regularly; i.e. it gives you a fresh location information in Yepzon App. If a Yepzon device will be completely offline for more than 6 months, we can’t guarantee it will remain alive.

In case you have received a notification from Yepzon App encouraging you to use the device, just plug the device into the charger. If there is no data or prepaid subscription left, get more from our webstore.

If you haven’t been using your Yepzon device for a long time and it’s not starting anymore, please contact Support. If the device has been offline for extra long time, we may not be able to wake it up anymore. Otherwise we are happy to help you!

Yepzon Support

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