Finnish tech company brings peace of mind for parents of special needs children in the Murrieta Valley

Yepzon Enterprises
Press Release, 1 September 2015
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It is perhaps an all-too familiar headline lately that an autistic child or an elderly person with dementia has wandered away and needs to be located. In these scenarios, minutes are precious to ensure the safety of the individual.

Yepzon, a technology company located in Finland, is currently in the process of launching a new product that can help track your valuables – even people – via a smartphone. The Finnish company has recently launched several pilot programs in Murrieta in conjunction with the Murrieta Police Department and three local non-profit organizations: Comprehensive Autism Center (CAC), Our Nicholas Foundation (ONF) and Go Bananas. All three non-profits are focused on helping persons with special needs and/or autism and will be actively using Yepzon Locators to improve the safety of their members and the community.

“We are honored and excited to work with such an energetic, caring and passionate community,” said Juha “John” Kiesi, CEO of Yepzon Inc US. “Yepzon is looking to serve the U.S. market in the best possible way. These programs, together with our ongoing GAP program with the UCLA Anderson School of Management, will help us to build a long and sustainable position in the largest market in the world. We want to meet and know our customers and starting with groups with the most urgent need was a natural choice. The City of Murrieta’s Economic Development Department has played an important role by getting everyone together and making it possible to start these programs in record-breaking time.”

Yepzon is a wearable locator device that uses Bluetooth, GPS and mobile network technologies to provide accurate location information through a mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows Phones. You can use Yepzon to keep track of your kids in the backyard or at school; give elderly relatives peace of mind; locate family pets, or make sure you never lose your golf clubs.

“Having an organization like Yepzon engage the community of Autism on the front lines, seeking our participation for a real solution is invaluable,” said Jennifer Smith, ONF board member and CAC Autism Community Liaison. “Our families live on high alert, fearing from moment to moment for our child’s safety which doesn’t end; this fear takes a toll on the nucleus of the family resulting in isolation from family, friends and the community; to have a voice in a real solution will impact quality of life and provide real access for families to their community.”

“Go Bananas is excited to participate with Yepzon to beta test the new tracking device,” said Julia Rogoff, founder of Go Bananas. “For many people with special needs, elopement is a real problem and communication can be difficult. We feel this device will go a long way in keeping our loved ones safe and give families the peace of mind that goes with that.”

The City of Murrieta recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to establish an economic development strategic partnership between the Murrieta and Verte Oy, Finland to promote business and other linkages; specifically linkages to high-technology companies in the Nokia region of Finland.

“Murrieta is very excited to work with this company out of Finland,” said Bruce Coleman, Economic Development Director for the City of Murrieta. “We are committed to becoming a technology hub for the region and are excited about our partnership with Finland and with Yepzon. Not only that, but it helps to provide a needed solution for many of our residents and improves their quality of life.”

For more information contact:

Juha ”John” Kiesi
CEO Yepzon Inc. US
[email protected]

Kimberly Davidson
Business Development Manager & Public Information Officer
City of Murrieta
951.461.6003 office
951.970.8242 cell
[email protected]


ABOUT Comprehensive Autism Center:

Comprehensive Autism Center is a premier provider of ABA behavioral services for children with Autism in the Southern California area. They offer in-home and center based hybrid programs that are individualized for each child’s needs. CAC understands that Autism is a family diagnosis and specializes in compassionate care to meet the needs of the whole family. CAC is committed to the long-term goals of the individual with Autism knowing that the ultimate goal is access to ones community to achieve a life of meaning.

ABOUT Go Bananas:

Go Bananas is a local, grassroots non-profit focused on improving Murrieta and the surrounding cities by uniting and including individuals with special needs to the community as a whole. Go Bananas has been an established non-profit for three years and has grown to a membership of over a 600 families and shows no sign of slowing down. Go Bananas is a 100% volunteer-only operation and draws dozens of dedicated volunteers from throughout the community. Go Bananas is unique in our community as its membership is open to any and all special needs, within our membership we have children and families that are deaf, blind, physically challenged, have autism, ADHD, down syndrome, very rare disorders…the list is endless.

ABOUT Our Nicholas Foundation:

Our Nicholas Foundation (ONF) is a 501(c)3 celebrating its 10th year of supporting the local Autism community throughout the Temecula/Murrieta Valley. ONF was founded by Mark and Kathy Anselmo in honor of their son Nicholas who was diagnosed with Autism. ONF’s programs include supporting the local special needs classrooms, sports leagues, social programs for children and their parents, educational workshops, vocational training and work and housing plans in the near future. They are celebrating their 10th Auction for Autism dinner event on October 10, 2015. For more information, visit

ABOUT Yepzon:

Yepzon is a technology and design company developing easy-to-use wearable positioning services and solutions. Its product, the Yepzon One, is the simplest locating device for people, pets and valuables you care about. The decentralised product team consists of 25 professionals with backgrounds in telecom, hardware, software, retail and industrial design. Yepzon was founded in 2013 and has raised €1.4 million funding from private investors. The company is headquartered in Finland, with a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, Yepzon Ltd. Yepzon Inc operates in the USA and is a joint venture between Yepzon and Global Expansion Solutions. More information at

ABOUT City of Murrieta:

Murrieta is a young, affluent community ideally located at the junction of the I-15 and I-215 freeways with close proximity to San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Murrieta is in the path of growth for these counties and affords business the opportunity to take charge of the future, today. With a population of just over 107,000 and recognized as one of the safest cities in the nation, it is easy to see why Murrieta is the future of Southern California!

Incorporated in 1991, Murrieta has experienced a significant increase in population in just 24 years.

New retail centers, industrial buildings and Class A offices have been completed with more in the planning process. With over 2,000 acres of additional available land, Murrieta is attracting upscale retail centers and quality hotels, as well as research and development / medical technology firms and first-rate healthcare facilities. Murrieta is the place to locate, invest, develop and expand as it is destined to become the premier business and healthcare hub for the region.

Murrieta boasts a well-educated, high-income population comparable to communities in San Diego and Orange Counties. Combine that with a wide range of new shopping, dining and recreational options, a diverse choice in housing and a world-class education system and you will understand why Murrieta is the future of Southern California!


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