1. What is Yepzon and who is it meant for?

Yepzon is an easy-to-use tracker and service with which you can locate people, pets and things. By attaching Yepzon anywhere you can locate your target with an app for your smartphone, even on the other side of the world.

Yepzon devices have a built-in SIM, GSM modem, and GPS receiver.

2. How much does Yepzon cost?

Yepzon ONE’s suggested retail price is 89 EUR, which includes first month of usage for FREE! After, the prices start from $4.99 | 3.74€ | £3.33 per month.

Yepzon Freedom’s suggested retail price is 149 EUR, which includes first month of usage for FREE! After, the prices start from $4.99 | 3.74€ | £3.33 per month.

You can see how much usage time and data is left from the app’s settings.

3. What kind of smartphone or tablet does Yepzon need?

Yepzon can be connected to a smartphone or a tablet that fulfils the following requirements:

  • Windows Phone 8.1 + NFC (only Yepzon ONE)
  • iPhone 4S or newer (iOS 7.0 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0))
  • Android 4.3 or newer + NFC OR Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0)

In Windows Phone devices, Yepzon App uses the NFC function to connect Yepzon ONE tracker and the smartphone/tablet and in Android devices additionally also Bluetooth. In iOS devices, Yepzon ONE is connected through Bluetooth. In iOS and Android devices, Bluetooth is also used for Yepzon ONE’s nearby tracking.

For Yepzon Freedom, connecting the device happens through a QR code in all iOS and Android phones that fulfill the requirements. Yepzon Freedom cannot be used with Windows Phones.

The app may also be downloaded onto devices with do not fulfill the previously mentioned requirements, but in that case all features might not be in use. For example, if you have a Yepzon ONE and a WP device on which the app downloads but you cannot pair it because your device does not have the NFC feature, ask your family member or friend to make the pairing in their device and then share the control through email onto your own device. After you get the control, if you want to, you can remove their Yepzon permission.

4. Where can I get the Yepzon App mobile application?

Yepzon App can be found in Google’s, Windows Phone’s, and Apple’s app stores with the name Yepzon App. The app is free and no registration is needed.

The Yepzon App can be downloaded and started up on a compatible smartphone/tablet even if you did not own a Yepzon tracker. However, the app’s features cannot be used before you pair your phone with the Yepzon tracker or someone else shares the Yepzon tracker’s permission with you.

5. What is the difference between ONE and Freedom devices?

Yepzon ONE is a GPS tracker which has been designed specifically for locating small children, pets and things. The device is hung on the tracked person or object and it does not have a button, meaning control of the device happens fully through the mobile app. The technical information can be found on the Yepzon ONE product page.

Yepzon ONE 2.0 is an updated version of Yepzon ONE with indoor tracking function.

Yepzon Freedom is a GPS and indoor tracker with personal safety alarm which is meant for everyone from school age and up. In addition to the tracking function, by pressing the SOS button on the device, an alert can be sent from the Freedom device to the app, and the app will tell the location of the device that sent the alert. In practice, you can communicate from the Freedom to the app. The Freedom device includes different functions which can be changed depending on the use. The technical information can be found on the Yepzon Freedom product page.

6. How do Freedom tracker’s modes differ from each other?

Freedom has three different modes which can be changed depending on the purpose of use.

Quick location mode is the default setting on the device: in the Quick location mode, the device is constantly in online mode and can be tracked immediately with the app.

The Power saving mode is the default setting on the device and the device works in the same way as Yepzon ONE. A short delay to an accurate location uses more battery, whereas a longer tracking delay uses less battery.

The SOS button only mode is meant for the device to be able to be tracked only by sending an SOS alert. At other times the device is offline and does not even give a rough location. This means the device cannot be found with the app, only the battery life is visible. After a necessary SOS alert the device goes into Quick location mode, so that the device can be tracked on the app.

The SOS alert works on all of modes in the same way.

7. How does the tracking work? How is the location information figured out and how long is it available?

By default, Yepzon App shows the last known location information based on the GSM network’s base stations. Its accuracy ranges, depending on the place, from some hundred metres to a couple kilometres. In urban areas, the accuracy is usually better than in more sparsely populated areas or in the countryside.

To activate the GPS/Wi-Fi positioning, tap Locate accurately-icon on the app. Time for accurate positioning to start depends on connection interval settings determined by the user. The waiting time is the connection interval at maximum (see question 8).

Even though the GPS receiver on the Yepzon device is very sensitive, the GPS location is not always available, for example, when indoors or in parking garages. In Yepzon ONE, Bluetooth helps with indoor tracking and in Yepzon Freedom it is done with Wi-Fi tracking technology.

Based on one tracking request, Yepzon sends its location every 10 seconds for 3 minutes. The tracking request can be repeated as many times as needed.

Yepzon is not meant for long-term, continuous tracking of targets.

8. Connection intervals: How do they work and how quickly will the location info be available?

Note! In Power saving mode, Yepzon Freedom works the same way as Yepzon ONE (see also question 6).

The user determines how often Yepzon ONE is in contact with the Yepzon cloud service and how quickly the accurate location is available. This is called connection interval. The waiting time is the determined connection interval at maximum.

The connection interval affects battery life, so the user can decide for themselves, according to the purpose of use, how often the accurate location information should be available. The longer the connection interval, the better the battery life.

On the app’s Settings, the connection interval is specified separately for Awake and Sleeping modes. When Yepzon has been still for 30 minutes it goes automatically into Sleeping mode. When Yepzon is moved, it goes automatically into Awake mode. Sometime after tracking, Yepzon’s mode stays ‘Awake’ even if the device was still.

Example 1: The device’s connection interval is 5 minutes. The last connection was at 12:00. The user taps the Locate accurately icon at 12:01. Yepzon starts locating after four minutes, at 12:05.

Example 2: The connection interval is 3 hours and the device is sleeping. The last connection was at 12:00. The user taps the locate accurately icon at 12:01. Tracking starts at 15:00 except if the device starts moving before that, in which case the tracking starts moving immediately.

9. What is the difference between Awake and Sleeping modes?

Yepzon goes automatically in Sleeping mode after being still for 30 minutes and goes back to Awake mode when the device moves. Sometime after tracking the device’s mode will stay ‘Awake’ even if the device was still. The only difference between the modes is that the user can define their connection intervals, in other words how often Yepzon connects to the app, differently. By default, in Awake mode the update frequency is every 5 minutes and in Sleeping mode 6 hours.

Note! Right after positioning, Yepzon’s status is “Awake” for 40 minutes no matter if it’s moving or not. This is because after positioning Yepzon connects server for 10 minutes within 1 minute intervals in order to enable a quick re-positioning. After that Yepzon connects server for next 30 minutes within regular Awake mode connection intervals, for the same reason.

10. What is the accuracy of the location info given by Yepzon?

To find out the tracker’s location, Yepzon uses three different methods of tracking:

  • GSM cell towers location -based tracking, accuracy ranges from a couple hundred metres to a couple kilometres
  • Bluetooth Smart signal tracking (Yepzon ONE)
  • GPS satellite tracking, accuracy typically around 5-20m
  • Wi-Fi indoor tracking (Yepzon ONE 2.0 and Yepzon Freedom), accuracy typically around 20-50m

Yepzon chooses the optimal way to track independently. The accuracy of GPS tracking is 3 to 4 metres at its best. Notice that GPS tracking needs a connection to at least three satellites in order to work. For example, inside buildings the GPS signal is usually either too weak or none existent. In that case the next, more imprecise available tracking method is used, which is based on GSM cell towers. In the city, its accuracy ranges from a couple hundred metres to a couple kilometres. In the countryside, where there are less support stations, the location accuracy can be even ten kilometres or more.

Yepzon ONE 2.0 and Yepzon Freedom include Wi-Fi indoor tracking, which makes getting more accurate location information possible, even on a room’s accuracy. Wi-Fi tracking uses the five strongest identified networks to estimate the device’s location. Yepzon Freedom recognizes nearby Wi-Fi signals automatically, so no login to these networks is necessary.

If you have an Android or iOS smartphone/tablet which supports Bluetooth Smart technology and the tracked Yepzon ONE is within the Bluetooth signal’s range (around 50 metres in situations with no interference), Yepzon App will show a blue bar on the bottom of the map which shows the strength of the Yepzon device’s Bluetooth signal. By moving calmly in different directions while simultaneously keeping an eye on the bar it is possible to deduce where the Yepzon is.

11. If I change the device’s settings, when will the new ones come into effect?

At the latest when the Yepzon device connects to the app as per the old settings.

Changing the settings immediately can be done by connecting the device to the charger. This way Yepzon performs an extra connection to the app and the settings come into effect immediately.

12. Does Yepzon’s tracking work indoors?

Yepzon is primarily a GPS tracker, therefore location information can be received worldwide. Roofs and walls of buildings weaken the signal so much that GPS devices cannot usually give accurate location information indoors. However, Yepzon’s GPS receiver is extremely sensitive and it is possible for the device to get a signal indoors as well.

The GPS location’s accuracy can be weaker indoors than outside. If the GPS signal is not found indoors immediately after the first tracking period (3min), it is advised to try again immediately, since calculating the location based on very weak signals is slow. Often the GPS location is found indoors after the second or third try.

Yepzon ONE 2.0 and Yepzon Freedom include Wi-Fi tracking which enables tracking indoors as well.

Bluetooth technology helps with Yepzon ONE’s indoor tracking. If your iOS or Android smart device supports BT Smart and the Yepzon in tracking mode is inside the BT signal’s range, on the bottom on the map view a blue bar can be seen, the length of which corresponds to the strength of the signal. This can be used to help when heading for the lost Yepzon.

13. How does Freedom’s SOS alert work?

Freedom sends an alert to the Yepzon App by pressing the device’s SOS button quickly three times in a row. When the SOS alert has been sent, the alert will appear on the Yepzon App. The app will also show the location of the alerting tracker for 5 minutes. The alert must be acknowledged in the Yepzon App and after it has been acknowledged, the locating starts again and lasts for 3 minutes. The tracker will also change its’ mode to Quick location mode to enable quick tracking if needed.

The alert can be cancelled by pressing the SOS button on Yepzon Freedom quickly three times in a row again. The alert must still be acknowledged in the Yepzon App.

Optionally, on the app’s Settings, an alert sound can be activated into the device itself. If alert sound is activated and the SOS alert is made, the device makes a beeping sound until the alert is acknowledged by the user via the app or by pressing the button quickly three times in a row again. Please note that the SOS alert must be always acknowledged via the app, even when the sound is muted.

The SOS alert works on all of modes in the same way.

14. How is Yepzon charged and how long does the charging take?

Under Yepzon tracker’s rubber plug there is a micro USB plug with which the tracker can be connected to a charger or, for example, a computer’s USB port.

Charging an empty battery takes around 2.5 hours. During the charging process, the battery’s mode is shown as ‘Charging’. The charging is complete when the text is replaced with the number 100%. If Yepzon is disconnected from the charger in the middle of charging, the battery life number might drop fast since the battery has not been fully charged.

It is recommended to charge Yepzon’s battery once a month but at least every three months, even if the device is not in use. If Yepzon is left uncharged for long periods of time, the battery might drain and cause a malfunction.

15. How long is Yepzon’s battery life?

With the default settings and normal use, the Yepzon One’s battery lasts usually around 1 to 2 weeks. Depending on the settings, the battery can last for even several weeks. If the tracker only connects, for example, once a day (example: boats), the battery life can be months. In this case, it is good to remember that the location information is received based on the connection interval.

The Yepzon Freedom can be used in three different ways: in quick location mode, power saving mode, and SOS only mode. The device’s battery life depends on the chosen mode; in quick location mode, the battery lasts usually for 1 to 2 days, whereas in SOS only mode it can last for weeks.

16. How can I affect the battery life?

You can affect the battery life by changing Yepzon’s sleeping and awake mode’s connection intervals. The longer the connection interval, the better the battery life.

Also, whether or not the device is still (sleeping mode) or moving (awake mode) has an impact on the battery life. Every tracking uses the battery a little.

Freezing temperatures shorten the battery life.

17. Which maps does Yepzon use? Can the app use large-scale topographic maps?

The Yepzon App uses the phone manufacturer’s own map (for example Google Maps on Android phones). The map can be viewed in satellite mode. How well the location can be seen in the terrain, depends on the clarity of the satellite photos. The clarity differs considerably between phone manufacturers and districts.

At the moment, third party maps cannot be used with Yepzon.

18. Can anyone track my child with Yepzon?


The person who connects a new Yepzon to their smartphone first will be the first user of the Yepzon in question. If the already paired Yepzon is trying to be connected with another smartphone, a notification will pop up saying the pairing cannot be done since this Yepzon already has a user, and advising them to ask to give their permission. A Yepzon’s first user can give the access rights of the Yepzon they control to other users. This means your child can only be tracked by the people who have been given access rights to this Yepzon.

All users

  • can give access rights
  • can see who or which device has access rights
  • can remove access rights from each other
19. How is access rights given? Does the first user have more rights than the next ones?

In Yepzon’s Settings there is the Manage access rights setting where permission can be given. After that, follow the instructions on the screen. The method of sharing depends on the operating system, that is to say that Windows Phone, Android, and iOS each offer different options to send the access rights giving link. We recommend email, because it works the best between different operating systems. This link is active for 24 hours. The link will stop working if the sender’s access rights are removed.

All users are equal and have same access rights.

20. How many users can follow one Yepzon tracker? How many Yepzon trackers can one phone follow?

No upper limit.

21. Can the pairing be cancelled?

Yes. Yepzon’s pairings can be made and cancelled, in other words the access rights can be added and deleted as necessary. To remove access right, select your Yepzon device, then Settings and Manage access rights.

All users can also delete other users’ access rights. Note that the access rights can only be retrieved by another user sharing them. After deleting the last user, the Yepzon can again be paired with a phone like a new device.

The access rights to the Yepzon app are installation-specific. If you uninstall the Yepzon App, the pairing still remains, in which case you can re-equip the device only with the reset link. It is strongly recommended to create a reset link to email on the app’s Settings, where the device can be reinstalled if needed.

22. What if I lose my phone?

For safety reasons, Yepzon’s control should be shared with at least one other person in addition to the first user. This way the other user can share the device’s access rights on the first user’s new phone.

It is strongly recommended to create a restore link to email when pairing the device. It can be done on the app’s Settings, and with it, the device can be reinstalled if needed, if the phone gets lost or the app is deleted. The restore link comes as an email message, which has a link by which you can click on and restore the Yepzon back to its factory settings and it can be paired again with a new phone.

The restore link is functional as long as the user that ordered the link still has that particular Yepzon’s access rights. If the access rights of the person that ordered the link are removed, their restore link will also stop working.

23. Does Yepzon work in the cold?

Yes, but the device’s lithium ion battery’s powering ability weakens considerably the colder it gets. This is typical for all small electronic devices. Charging the battery is not possible for safety reasons in sub-zero temperatures.

24. Is it safe to keep a device that sends radio frequency with me?

The amount of electromagnetic radiation Yepzon transmits is comparable to a cell phone. When using it, it is advised to follow the recommendations of authorities and to use common sense. For example, pacemaker users should not carry Yepzon around their neck or in their chest pocket, just like a cell phone should not be carried.

Yepzon’s SAR value is 1.46 W/kg. It falls below both the EU’s (2.0 W/kg @10g) And the United States’ (1.6 W/kg @1g) threshold values set by authorities regarding radiation absorbing into body, the minimum distance to body being 5mm.

25. Why doesn’t the tracker have an off-switch? Can the tracker be turned off?

For the ease of use. The carrier of the tracker does not have to pay any attention to the device. The carrier also cannot turn the device off accidentally or on purpose.

The device can be turned off in the mobile app. For example, during a flight turning it off is essential for safety reasons. After turning it off, the device needs to be plugged into the charger for a moment in order to be turned on.

(Some HW versions of Yepzon One can also be switched on by reading the NFC tag with compatible mobile phone. The NFC tag (NFC antenna) of the Yepzon One is located inside the device, on the back side, roughly underneath the laser written label).

26. Yepzon has turned itself off and does not turn back on again. What should I do?

Any software might temporarily freeze for a variety of reasons. In some cases, your Yepzon might be out of power even if according to the app it should have power. In both cases connecting Yepzon to a charger helps. If the Data Tank is empty, Yepzon turns off until more data is bought.

27. What happens when the data runs out and where can I get more?

The app will inform you about it. On the app’s Settings, you have the Data Tank where you can see the used data and get more data. For example, 100MB with the default settings lasts for about 20 months. If the data tank is completely empty, Yepzon will turn itself off. Restart it again requires, in addition to the data purchase, connecting the device to a charger. More data can be bought directly from the app’s Settings or optionally from the online store yepzon.com/servicepack

There are several different ways to pay. The available payment methods depend on not only the phone but the plan. Examples of options include: by phone bill, credit card, online payment, and PayPal.

28. Does buying data concern one Yepzon tracker or all phones?

One Yepzon tracker. If one Yepzon is tracked by multiple phones, the users can agree to, for example, make the data payment in turns. Buying the data is done with the device’s IMEI code, which means every Yepzon device requires its own data purchase.

29. Does using Yepzon abroad come with additional costs?

By default, Yepzon works in Europe, China, USA and Russia.

If in addition to the normal data purchase you need usage time for other countries, it is possible to buy separate roaming time on the app, for example for a vacation trip. Roaming time can be bought directly from the Yepzon App’s Settings or optionally from the online store. More information and prices at yepzon.com/roaming

30. How can I stop using the Yepzon if I want to?

If the data is used up and more data is not bought, the device will shut down.

If Yepzon has not been used for over six months, the device’s GSM plan might stop working. It should also be noted that in a device that has been unused for a long time, the battery might totally discharge and the device will no longer turn on or receive power.

It is recommended to plug the device into a charger at least every three months to keep the GSM plan and battery well-functioning.

If you have a monthly charged plan, check the terms of stopping use from the terms and conditions of your plan.

31. Does Yepzon work on the computer?

For now, there is no such possibility but we are planning on adding that feature in near future.

32. Why does the pairing to Yepzon not work even though I am following all the given instructions?

The most common reason is that the device is already paired with another phone. In this case, you should ask the other user to share the permission on the app’s Settings.

The reason could also be that the phone is not connected to the internet, the phone’s NFC function is not on or you are trying to pair from the wrong side of the tracker or the phone (pairing on the backside of the device, the phone’s NFC chip’s location depends on the phone model).

If the pairing fails despite these measures, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the mobile app. Also, disconnecting the device from the charger and connecting it again may help.

33. Does the Yepzon App collect user information?

Using the device and downloading the app do not require registration or passwords. Hence, using the device does not require giving out contact information since Yepzon does not save user identification information. The IMEI code on the device functions as ID for example when dealing with technical questions.

A monthly charged plan requires that a login is created (see terms & conditions of use).

34. Why does Yepzon show "Awake" even though it's not moving, for sure?

Right after positioning, Yepzon’s status is “Awake” for 40 minutes no matter if it’s moving or not. This is because after positioning Yepzon connects server for 10 minutes within 1 minute intervals in order to enable a quick re-positioning. After that Yepzon connects server for next 30 minutes within regular Awake mode connection intervals, for the same reason.

35. Could you develop your mobile app so that the Notifications contain the device name (given by user) instead of last 5 digits of the IMEI code?

In Android this is already implemented. In iOS that is not possible without sacrifying the information security, which is at the moment very strong – this is a conscious trade-off.

36. What is the lead time for shipping a Yepzon tracker when ordered from Yepzon Webstore?

There is a processing time of typically 2-7 days + shipping time typically 5-8 days depending on destination, so the lead time from submitting an order to receiving the parcel is typically 7-15 days. Bank holidays and high seasons may cause extra delays.

If you haven’t received your shipment in 15 days from order, you can inquire the status of your order from our customer service by the order number (like #12345).

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