Yepzon service continuation after 31.5.2023

If you have purchased new subscription after 1.4.2023, you can ignore this message. 

Important message concerning your Yepzon subscription. We will gradually start closing all Yepzon devices with unpaid subscription starting from 1.6.2023 

Dear customerMaybe you heard already that Yepzon went bankrupt in February 2023. All old Yepzon subscriptions are no longer valid after declaration of bankrupcy 20.2.2023.
As the new owner, Sense of Intelligence, we are happy to continue the service and as well supply of Smart devices with similar conditions as Yepzon had. Sense of Intelligence has provided the service period 6.3.-31.5.2023 on our own cost, without charging any fees from customers during this period. 

If you wish to continue services after 31.5., please make a new service purchase from our webstore www.yepzon.com/shop as soon as possible. If you do the purchase (or have already done it) by 30.5., your service will continue uninterrupted.  

Devices with unpaid subscription will go to stand-by or terminated permanently on 31.5.2023.  

Devices, that have been active in 2022 or later will go to stand-by 31.5. Devices that have not been active during last 17 months will be terminated permanently. You can do the purchase even later than 31.5., if your device has been active in 2022.

Please keep in we will start removing old devices permanently from the stand-by list gradually from 30.6.2023. If your device is removed from stand-by list it means the ability to connect will be lost permanently and the device is useless after that.  

If you wish to buy a new Yepzon Smart tracker, you can buy them from our webstore starting from 1.6.2023. If your device is broken, we cannot unfortunately cover any guarantee that was given by Yepzon before the bankrupcy.

In case you have questions or want to discuss in person, please contact our customer service support@yepzon.com Best Regards,  Yepzon Customer Support Team / Sense of Intellingence Ltd.