US 2G network status


To use the Yepzon App, your mobile phone or tablet must have working Internet connection (either Wi-Fi or data plan). Your Internet connection or mobile phone subscription has nothing to do with network connection of Yepzon device.

Yepzon One device operates in 2G network and it has a built-in SIM. Previously, Yepzon One operated in AT&T 2G network. After AT&T 2G network shutdown, the roaming coverage is provided by T-Mobile. Transition to T-Mobile may cause unexpected issues with Yepzon One device. Issues arise if the device is unable to automatically switch to another network.


Occurring issues:

Pairing failure

Connection failure

Location failure


If you are facing issues with the device, please follow the instructions listed below.



Plug the Yepzon into a charger a few times. In most cases this rectifies the issue. Once the device falls off from AT&T network, it tries to reconnect until it runs out of battery. You may even see something like “Battery level 85%” in the Yepzon App even though the battery is empty. Plugging the Yepzon into the charger will not only charge the battery but reboot the software, so it starts connecting the network from scratch and registers to T-Mobile GSM network.


2. 2G network coverage

Click the link below and find out if there is a T-Mobile 2G network coverage in your area:


3. If you have followed these steps and there is no 2G network in our area, please contact: support(at)


NOTE! Following actions do NOT help in connectivity issues:

Reset of the device

Removal of user rights

Removal of application

In other words, if you have the Yepzon App installed and a Yepzon One device paired successfully, do not clear the pairing nor uninstall the Yepzon App.

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