Yepzon Freedom

Personal safety alarm with locator

120.16 inc. VAT

Includes 5MB of data. Price for 5MB (apx.1 month of active use) 4.95€

12.95 / month

Includes unlimited data.

1 month advance. Continues as an 11-month agreement. Please read terms and conditions.

Yepzon™ Freedom is a personal safety product which combines alarm and tracking functions. Designed for everyday life’s surprising situations, the GPS alarm makes use of the latest tracking technology. Yepzon™ Freedom is the first safety device on the market which has GPS tracking, 3G tracking, Wi-Fi indoor tracking, and an alarm feature in one.

Together with the device and a smartphone, the person in need of help can be tracked in seconds. With just a push of a button the safety alarm informs of its wearer’s accurate location through the mobile app, whether it be outdoors or indoors, in the next room, or on the other side of the world.

With Yepzon™ Freedom, the user can choose three different functions: just the SOS button, GPS locator with the SOS button, or just the GPS locator. Yepzon™ Freedom works worldwide everywhere where there is a GSM network. Thanks to its small size and handy attaching mechanism, it is easy to attach anywhere.


Yepzon™ Freedom

  • Combines three different tracking technologies: 3G always gives a wide location info, GPS accurate tracking outdoors, Wi-Fi finds the target also indoors.
  • Shock resistant and spill-resistant
  • Several devices can be tracked with one phone – one device can be tracked with several phones
  • Possible to control battery life with personal settings
  • Easy-to-use mobile application
  • Built-in SIM, no separate plan, data fee according to use (4.95€/5MB), free application


The SOS button brings a new kind of added safety into the life of seniors. If they fall, get lost, or are in other kinds of trouble, they can call for help with just a push of a button.

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Yepzon™ Freedom is a personal safety alarm with a GPS locator. With the help of Yepzon™ Freedom your children, while on their way to school or hobbies, stay literally on the map.

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The safety alarm brings travellers, active people, and extreme athletes additional safety and freedom to live life to the fullest, at all times. With the device, the person in need of help can call for help with just the push of a button.

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The SOS button brings a new kind of safety to your everyday life. Together with the easy-to-use device and a smartphone, the person in need of help can call for help with just a push of a button.

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120.16 inc. VAT

Three different modes – you decide!



Locator + Alarm button

Locator +
SOS button

Alarm button

SOS button

Using Yepzon™ Freedom is easy

1. Download

1. Download

Download the Yepzon app to your smartphone.

2. Attach

2. Attach

Attach Yepzon Freedom to the tracked target.

3. Done

3. Done

Your device is now ready to track!

Additional Information


Yepzon Oy, Finlaysoninkuja 9, 33210 Tampere, Finland. VAT reg. FI25120711

Country of origin



CE & SAR & PTCRB & FCC Certified (FCC ID: 2AENA YPZN02)


weight 48 g, width 41 mm, thickness 16 mm, length 74 mm (+ keyring ~10 mm)

Package dimensions

length 121 mm, width 121 mm, thickness 50 mm, weight ~180g (estimate)


450 mAh Li-ion, weight: 9,2g

Battery life

>1 day in default mode (Quick location), 3-7 days in Battery saving mode on average use, up to several weeks depending on settings


149€ including 5MB (about 1 month) usage, Minimum order quantity: 1pcs

Usage cost

4.95 € / 5MB (about 1 month) covering usage in EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA and Russia

Sales package content

1x Yepzon Freedom, 1x micro USB charging cable, 1x wall charger, 1x quick guide


24 months (2 years)

Cellular communication

Dual band 3G (WCDMA850 & 1900 @USA version, WCDMA900 & 2100 @Europe version) + Quad Band GSM/GPRS

Satellite reception

16 Channels GPS/Glonass module with A-GPS support

Positioning methods

GPS, 3G/GSM Cell ID, Wi-Fi


Surface mounted M2M SIM component (MFF2 size standard), not changeable by user

User interface

Yepzon App for iPhone and Android


SOS button, micro USB charging port, RGB LED indicator, buzzer

Water resistant (IP65), hit resistant