What is Yepzon® and who is it for?

Yepzon is a user-friendly locationing service for everyone who wants to protect their valuables.

What does Yepzon cost?

Recommended retail price is 99 EUR (129 USD), which includes 5 MB (about 1 months) usage. After this the price is 3,95 € (4,95 USD) /5 MB (about 1 month).

What kind of smartphone is required?

Yepzon can be paired to a smartphone or tablet which meets the following requirements:

  • Android 4.3 or newer + NFC
  • iPhone 4S or newer (iOS 7.0 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0))
  • Windows Phone 8.1 + NFC

Yepzon App® uses the NFC feature to pair Yepzon with Windows Phone and Android devices. iOS devices can be paired with the Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0) feature. Bluetooth Smart feature of iOS and Android devices is also used for locating a nearby Yepzon.

Check your phone’s features from the manufacturer’s website if you are unsure.

The application may also install on devices that do not meet the above requirements – but all the features are not available. If you have, for example, WP or Android device, in which the application is installed, but you are unable to pair because your device does not have NFC, ask a family member or a friend to perform pairing his phone, and then to share the access to your phone. Afterwards you may remove his/her access rights.

List of certain most common supported phones (this list is not perfect):

Android 4.3 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0) + NFC:

Google Nexus 5, 6, 7, 9
HTC Butterfly 2
HTC Desire 500, 510, 610, 816
HTC Desire Eye
HTC One series
LG L70, L90, G Pro, VU 3.0, G2, G3, G2 Mini, G Pro 2, G Pad 10.1
Samsung Galaxy A3, SIII, S4, S5, Nexus, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4
Sony Xperia V, AX, VL, Z, SP, ZL, ZR, A, UL, L, M, M dual, Z Ultra, Z1/Z1s, Z1 Compact

Windows Phone 8.1 + NFC:

Nokia Lumia 610 NFC Version, 620 NFC Version, 640, 720, 735, 810, 820, 822, 830, 920, 925, 930, 1020, 1520, 2520

iOS 7.0 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0):

iPad Air, Mini, 3rd Gen, 4th Gen
iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus

Other Android, WP and iOS devices:
Pair Yepzon with a supported device. Share control from this device to a device which is not supported. If Yepzon App can be found in the app store of the latter device, Yepzon should be able to be controlled and followed with that device.

How does Yepzon work?

Yepzon® locator  connects regularly to Yepzon Sky cloud service: it checks if any user has sent a location request. User defines how often Yepzon does this checking. User controls the device by Yepzon App smartphone application and locates the device when necessary.

Where can I get Yepzon® App mobile app?

Yepzon App can be found on Google, Windows Phone and Apple app stores as Yepzon App. The application is free.

How is Yepzon located?

Tap Yepzon App’s ”Locate” icon. You will first get the last known location based on cellular network, with an accuracy usually from hundreds of meters to few miles.

Accurate location will be shown once Yepzon automatically checks next time if the user has sent location request from the app.

How quickly can I get the location?

The user defines in the Yepzon App, how often Yepzon will check from Yepzon Sky whether location data is requested. This is called ”Update interval”. The speed new location becomes available depends on the last check. The maximum waiting time is the set update interval.

Example: Yepzon’s update interval is set to 5 minutes. The receiver checks the cloud service at 10:00 am, whether the location request is sent. The user sends a location request at 10:03. He gets the location two minutes later, at 10:05, when Yepzon next time checks with Yepzon Sky.

If I change the update interval, when does the new setting take force?

Next time Yepzon connects to Yepzon Sky according to the current setting. If you plug Yepzon into a charger, the new settings take place immediately.

Why can’t I get the location immediately?

One of Yepzon’s fundamental advantages is a long battery life. To be able to obtain immediate location information at any time, would mean that the positioning device should send its location at all times. This in turn would mean that the battery should be recharged daily. Yepzon goes to sleep between the updates in order to conserve battery power.

Does locating with Yepzon work inside?

Yepzon is mainly a GPS locating device. Walls and roofs of buildings weaken the signal of GPS satellites, and therefore GPS devices usually will not give position inside. However, the GPS receiver in Yepzon is very sensitive. We have good experiences; Yepzon often gives GPS location even inside a building.

The accuracy of GPS location may be weaker inside than outside. If GPS location is unavailable after the first locating period (3 min), you should try again immediately, as calculating position with weak GPS signals is slow. GPS location is often available after second or third try.

Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0) technology used in Yepzon also helps when locating a device that has a weak GPS signal. If your iOS or Android device supports BT Smart and the Yepzon you are locating is in range of BT signal (~50 m), an indicator bar at the lower edge of the map view shows the strength of the signal. This way BT can help finding the missing Yepzon.

How long does Yepzon’s battery last?

At default settings, and the normal use, battery usually lasts about a week. Depending on the settings, however, the battery can last up to several weeks. If Yepzon gets in touch with the cloud, for example, only once a day (example: boats), battery life may be even months. In this case, keep in mind that the location information may not be available quickly.

How can I affect the battery life?

The battery life may be affected by changing Yepzon’s Active mode and Sleep mode update intervals. Also, whether the locator is in still (Sleep mode) or in motion (Active mode), can affect the battery life considerably. Each time location is checked consumes a bit of battery power.

Cold weather shortens battery life.

What is the difference between Active and Sleeping modes?

Yepzon automatically goes into Sleeping mode after being motionless for 20 minutes. It returns to Active mode once it’s moved again. Only difference is that the user can set different update intervals.

By default, the Active status of the update interval is 5 minutes and the Sleeping mode 6 hours.

Less frequent update interval directly improves the battery life and reduces communication costs.

My phone has NFC but reading the NFC tag of a Yepzon doesn't work, what to do?

There are some mobile phone accessories which block the NFC signal, such as battery covers and wireless charging cards.  Please make sure you remove such accessories first and try to read the NFC tag again.

Does Yepzon work on my computer?

No – possibly in the future.

What is the accuracy of Yepzon’s location information?

Yepzon uses three technologies:

  • Mobile Network’s cell towers
  • GPS satellite
  • Bluetooth Smart

Yepzon selects independently the best positioning technology for the situation. GPS positioning accuracy is 3-4 meters at its best. Please note that GPS tracking requires a connection to at least three satellites. For example, inside buildings, GPS signal is usually too weak or non-existent. This will display the next available accurate location based on mobile network cell towers. In this situation, location accuracy varies from a few hundred meters and a few kilometers. In rural areas, where the base stations are further apart, the base station location accuracy can be up to ten kilometers or more.

If you use an Android or iOS phone/tablet that supports Bluetooth Smart technology, and Yepzon is within bluetooth signal range (about 50 meters in undisturbed conditions), a signal strength bar is shown at the bottom of Yepzon’s map view. By slowly moving in different directions, and at the monitoring the bar indicator, Yepzon’s location can be determined.

Does Yepzon work in the cold?

Yes it does – but the output capacity of rechargeable lithium-ion battery will be significantly reduced. Charging battery is not possible at below zero temperatures for safety reasons.

How to charge Yepzon?

Under Yepzon’s rubber plug is micro-USB connector. You can charge Yepzon by plugging in a AC charger or for example connecting it into a USB port of your computer.

Does Yepzon collect user information?

No. We take data security very seriously. Yepzon Sky, the system’s brain, does not collect or store user’s personal information such as phone numbers – only the device identifiers.

What if I lose my phone?

For security reasons, it’s recommended to share Yepzon’s access with at least another user in addition to the first user. This way this second user may share the access back to first user’s new phone.

On Yepzon App, the user also has also an opportunity to register a backup email address that may be used to reset the device. User must save the auto-reply email containing a link through which Yepzon may be reset back to factory settings and may be paired again as if it was new.

How many users can follow the same Yepzon?

No limit.

How many Yepzons can one phone follow?

No limit.

Has the first user wider rights than the rest?

No. All users have equal rights – for example remove the rights of all other users.

Is it safe to carry a transmitting device with you?

Yepzon’s electromagnetic radiation is on the same level as a mobile phone’s. User should follow the recommendations of authorities and use common sense.

The Specific Absorbtion Ratio of Yepzon is 1,46 W/kg. It passes official EU & US limits for body SAR, with minimum distance of 5mm to body.

Is Yepzon ment for continuous monitoring?

Continuous monitoring is not Yepzon’s targeted use. Yepzon sends its location for about 3 minutes after a request. The new positioning request can be sent again immediately, and the device will continue sending its location in approximately one minute.

If I stop using Yepzon can I take the same locator back to use later?

The device can be kept inactive no more than half a year. After, restart of the device is not possible as the SIM card is terminated. In addition, it should be kept in mind, that long period of inactivity can cause battery discharge, thus the device will no longer turn on.

How can I stop using Yepzon?

If you do not buy extra time, Yepzon App mobile application will remind you about it for a couple of time until it automatically disconnects connection between you phone and Yepzon locator.

Does usage abroad cost separately? How much?

The 5MB (about 1 month) included in the purchase price (after that 3.95 € (4,95 USD) /5MB, about 1 month) covers EU countries (Norway and Switzerland in addition) and USA.

In Yepzon App there is a possibility to separately purchase a roaming time to the following countries:

21€ (~26$) per week:











Costa Rica

Dominican Republic


El Salvador

Faroe Islands






Hong Kong







New Zealand




Puerto Rico

Saudi Arabia







United Arab Emirates




50,4€ (~63$) per week:











Does the price of 3.95 EUR a month pay for one Yepzon locator or for each mobile device?

The price is for one Yepzon locator. If more than one mobile device is used to track a single Yepzon locator, users may for example agree to pay the price in turns.

The Yepzon Data tank is getting empty. How to buy more data?

From Data tank in Yepzon App you can see the amount of data used and you can buy more data. For example 5MB costs 3.95€.

There are several ways to pay for the data. Methods of payment available depend on not only the mobile phone but also on the operator used.

Some mobile operators give the option to pay on the phone bill for purchases within an application (e.g. buying data for Android and Windows Phone devices).

If you have connected a credit card to your Google or Microsoft account, you can pay for data with that.

For iOS devices you can pay for data with any credit card.

You can also pay with PayPal account. You can get a PayPal account even without owning a credit card – it is possible to transfer money to a PayPal account with an account transfer. PayPal is a safe and useful way to pay for online payments. PayPal payments are available in thousands of online stores worldwide.

How to open a Paypal account: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/account-setup

Information on adding a payment option to a Microsoft account: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/edit-payment-method-windows-store

Information on adding payment options to Google account: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/4646404?hl=en

What happens when the 6 months or 30 MB (or some other service package such as 1 month/5 MB) included ends?

Yepzon Mobile App will inform you about it. After the included period ends, you will move to 3.95 EUR per month or 5 Mb billing.

How much data does Yepzon use?

With default settings and an average of one locating period per day, 5 Mb is enough for one month.

I received 6 months or 30 Mb use time when buying Yepzon. Can I use more than 5 Mb a month?

You can use Yepzon entirely at your own pace. If data is used more during a month, use time is shorten from the end of the period, and the normal monthly price of 3.95 EUR is comes into effect sooner.

How long does it take to charge the locator?

Charging a fully depleted battery to full takes around 2 hours. While charging, battery charge status reads ”charging”. Charging is complete when the status reads 100 %. If Yepzon is removed from charger before it is charged full, battery status shows 99 % and that reading may drop fast because the battery is not charged full.

How to wake up Yepzon if it is shut down?

Wake up is easy: Either touch the locator with a phone with NFC, or connecting the locator to a charger for a moment. For devices sold in the US you can wake up the device by attaching it to the charger.

Can I shut down the locator?

Yes, locator can be shut down from Yepzon Mobile App. For example, shutting down during flight is necessary for safety reasons.

Why doesn’t the device have a main switch?

For ease of use. User doesn’t need to pay any attention to the device. Also, it wont turn off by accident or on purpose.

Why can't I pair Yepzon with my mobile device?

The most common reasons: your phone is not connected to the internet, your phone’s NFC is turned off, you’re trying to pair the device from the wrong side or from a wrong location at the back of your phone.

iOS and Bluetooth pairing: charger activates Yepzon to send Bluetooth signal for five minutes. If you have charged Yepzon for more than five minutes, disconnect the charger, reconnect it and try pairing again.

If you have a device with Android, iOS or WP operating system and it is not fully compatible, you can pair Yepzon with a compatible device and share control to another device.

Sometimes it happens that user is able to install the Yepzon App and read the NFC (or initiate the BT pairing) but nevertheless the pairing will not be completed. One thing you can do in that case is to uninstall the Yepzon App and install it again.

How often should I charge Yepzon?

Charge your Yepzon at least once in every 3 months since in case Yepzon is left uncharged for several months it may overdrain and this may cause the device to dysfunction. If you plan to leave Yepzon unused for several months(maximum 3 months and then recharge it) you should fully charge Yepzon first and then us the “turn off the Yepzon” feature of the Yepzon application.

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